Monday Already?!?!

You wake up, your alarm is blaring! "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!" you get the picture. Your brain is scatterd all across your room along with school books, some old homework that you probably should have turned in by now, and a couple of outfits that might just impress the cute boy who you sit with in chemestry. What are you going to wear how are you going to get your homework in on time?!?! You finally get your act together and get to the bus stop franticly pacing and asking yourself "Did I miss the bus? I could'nt be that late, could I???" Your mom comes out of the house in her robe and slippers, carrying a cup of steaming hot tea and calls to you "Sweetie??? Its 7:47 on a Saterday!!!! What in the world are you doing?????" You sigh a sigh of relief and go inside and at last, back to bed!!! Next time you are upset because your mom or dad got you up too early for school, remember that while they can be a pain they can also be angels in disguise! And remember to always be happy! You could make someones week with just a simple smile!!! :) 

What Is The Meaning Of A Dance???

When I think about a dance I think along the lines of prom or formal or something like that with a king and a queen and a bunch of couples slow dancing. But you have to remember in those types of situations there is almost always going to be a girl or a guy who was ignored. They will have went anyway because they hope they might get noticed enough for just one dance or to talk to someone that they might admire. Guess what??? That girl who is going to go to a dance without a date this time around, that's me! Do you have any dances coming up? Do you have a girl in mind to take, but you are too scared to ask her? It takes guts, I know, but let me tell you something. If someone asked me to go to a dance with them I would probably go walking around school for the next three years (till I graduate) with a MASSIVE grin on  my face because someone noticed me!!! The dance I will be attending alone is this Wednesday night and im actually really nervouse! what if I get ignored??? Well if I get ignored then I can go home and be disapointed, but when im there, there will be nothing but a grin on my face. Even if it's fake. A good freind of mine once told me that what you tell people with your face is important. It can make or brake someones day, so please fake a smile :) its what I do!!! Oh yeah and please go ask him/her to that dance before its too late!!! ;) 

Does Valentines Day Really Matter???

Valentines day is supposed to be this day full of love, hearts, frilly lace, and other things of that nature. For me valentines day has no meaning at all. I want it to have a meaning because I am the kind of girl who wants to love and to be loved, But no.... I think that we should have a new meaning for valentines day, a meaning that wont leave anyone out of the fun. A day that we just take to appreaceate everyone. This valentines day try to appreciate EVERYONE and make sure that there is no one left out, it might just give you a sence of pride that you made a difference in someones day! :)

A Valentines Day Spent Mostly Alone

Well today seems like a semi wast of time besides when I made myself happy by giving my only 2 friends, who happen to be guys, valentines... I gave other people things too but that was just because they are in my class and it makes me feel good to give people candy!  But for these two I went above and beyond! kinda... I made them cards and gave them candy and sparkiling cider and honestly hugs were in the back of my mind, because I LOVE to hug, but I decided to play it safe! Other than that I spent my valentines day pretty much alone! What did you do with your day? Did you make someone feel good about themself? If not do that tommorow, you never know what a smile or a hug can do for someones self esteem!!!